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Simply different, unique, unforgettable celebration, enjoying the moment, feeling emotions, creating emotional events and simply living.

….this could be your wedding….

Whether at a lake, in a castle or at home...

we can turn the simplest location into paradise, a place to feel well and enjoy

From the moment the first guests arrive, we serve warm and cold fingerfood and snacks on wooden designer trays accompanied with refreshing aperitives, South Tyrolian prosecco, quality white wines and fresh fruit juice. The guests marvel and enjoy. Every single dish represents our creative cuisine and our passion for detail.

After warmly welcoming the bride and groom with a bunch of flowers, the guests are seated at the tables decorated in white and suitable arrangements such as chairs with covers and lanterns. They can see the commitment and love of our staff. Flowers decorate the tables and candleholders enhance the view of nature.

The five-course gourmet menu excells from course to course to indulge the palate and please the eye. The meat melts in your mouth and the fresh herb-sprinkled patatoes are a pure treat. The night reaches its climax in a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere. The bride opens the dessert buffet with numerous sweet dishes. Colourful fruit platters, a great variety of creams, chocolate mousse and much more are ready to be tasted. The candles flicker and the eyes of the guests shine. Everybody celebrates, enjoys and dances into the night.

And then at midnight...

….torches.... everybody follows and finds...

Various delicacies from the smokehouse, South Tyrolean cheese with homemade mustards, baby potatoes, farmer butter and breadbaskets with an abundant assortment of bread. And the night takes its course ’til the break of dawn.
Book your wedding in advance at our private location in Ora/Auer for the unbeatable price of 39 Euros per person. Only at Emotion Event South Tyrol.