Different, special, unforgettable, carefree, full of emotions, simply an Emotion Event – to be created and experienced.
…This is how your wedding could also be….

At the lake, in the castle or at your home.

We turn even the simplest of places into a paradise, a little place to pamper yourself and enjoy the fantastic day…

…as the first guests arrive we serve hot and cold fingerfood and spoon specialties on wooden design trays that seem to never want to end. As accompaniments we offer refreshing aperitifs, South Tyrolean sparkling wines, fine white wines and fresh centrifuges. Guests are amazed and delighted. Every single course is a portrait of our creative cuisine and our passion for detail.


As soon as the bride and groom are welcomed with a bouquet of flowers, the guests make their way to the tables, which are carefully set, with chairs with chair covers and laternas. Everything elegantly in white. The commitment and passion of our staff is visible. Flowers adorn the tables, candles embellish the view sweeping through the greenery.

The 5-course gourmet menu is refined from course to course in a magical combination of palate pleasing and elegant dish decoration.
The meat of the main course melts in the mouth, the fresh herbs in the potatoes – unforgettable. Pleasantly in company, the evening approaches with its highlight. The bride opens the dessert buffet with countless delicacies. Mirrors of fruit in a thousand colors, a variety of creams, chocolate mousse and many other fine desserts are ready to be tasted. The flames of the candles move and the eyes of the guests light up. Until late into the night there is celebration, laughter and dancing.

Then at midnight…

…torches …all follow you and find…

Varieties of smoked meats, South Tyrolean cheese with homemade mustards, boiled potatoes, farmer’s butter, a rich basket with a variety of breads. And the night comes alive, until the wee hours of the morning.

The foundation of our being is nutrition.


Johann Lafer

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